Annmarie Jensen

Mediator and Attorney

Annmarie is a New Jersey Superior Court approved civil and family mediator and an attorney who has been licensed to practice law in the State of New Jersey since 1996 and in the State of New York since 1997. Annmarie’s full resume can be found here.

With a 6-year exception during the time that she worked at home as a per diem attorney and was a new mother, Annmarie has worked for a small litigation firm in Haddonfield, New Jersey for twenty years.

Annmarie continues her litigation practice at the law office of Agre & Jensen. Robert N. Agre is a certified criminal trial attorney, Annmarie’s mentor since 1994 and one of the brightest legal minds in the State of New Jersey (in her opinion). Although Annmarie is skilled at litigating cases given her extensive career in this field, she also understands the limitations of the practice and the suitability of many cases for mediation either before, during or in connection with litigation and as a means of narrowing the issues in dispute between parties.

With regard to family disputes in particular, Annmarie has found that clients are generally better served by cooperating and by reaching a resolution that is tailored to the individual family dynamics, either with the assistance of counsel or with the assistance of a mediator rather than by litigating.

Annmarie is also a registered yoga teacher and has been a yoga practitioner for nearly 20 years. She credits yoga, in large part, for the balanced life that she leads.

Judith Laskodi, Counselor, MA, NCC 

Judi Laskodi is an experienced Mental Health counselor and Health Educator, with a Masters degree in Counseling and training as a Life Coach, awaiting BCC certification. Over the past 25 years she has worked with a variety of clients with an array of issues, supporting them as they have addressed their challenges.

Judi has years of experience as a group facilitator, workshop presenter and educator, tackling topics such as HIV/AIDS, conflict resolution, ethical decision-making and parenting. She works with individuals, couples, groups and families to assist them in working through their conflicts, identifying goals, and finding their way to achieving them.

Judi believes in our ability to dream, believe, change, and create the futures we want and deserve and is honored to accompany clients on their journeys to their best lives.

Judi maintains a private practice and sees coaching clients part-time by appointment at the office of the Center for Mediation & Balanced Living. She also runs workshops and conducts group counseling through LiveWell Integrative Counseling & Enrichment, LLC at the Center. More information about LiveWell can be found here.