Mediation provides a practical, economical and efficient method for individuals to settle conflicts that develop for a variety of reasons: a misunderstanding, a transition, an accident or a change of heart. It is an alternative to litigation and also to surrender. Mediation is driven by the desire to preserve changed relationships rather than to destroy them, even when a failure in expectations has lead the parties to the dispute in the first place. With the guidance of a skilled mediator and a cooperative, collaborative approach, most disputes can be solved through the mediation process and both parties will leave the mediation table feeling heard and respected.


Conflict and change can be daunting circumstances. With the proper guidance, however, most conflicts that arise as a result of a major change in personal or business circumstances can be managed with compassion. At the Center for Mediation & Balanced Living, the mediator controls the process but the clients control the outcome. Options are explored and creative solutions are proposed. We understand that what works for one family or one business relationship, does not necessarily work for another, so all parties are guided by an objective mediator to find a resolution that respects the unique interests of all concerned. Our process requires that all parties be committed to honest and meaningful participation without the need for a judge to order discovery and disclosure through litigation.