Couples group counseling with Judi Laskodi – October 21 and 28 7-8:30PM

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We are not born knowing how to be in relationship. Some of us did not have healthy role models, and what it takes to be a wonderful, loving partner may not come easily to many of us. 

Yet we all want and need certain basic things from our partners and relationships – to feel heard and to feel appreciated, for example. And most of us want to be good partners but may not know exactly what our partner wants or how to give them those things.

This is a psycho-educational workshop for committed couples that want to understand and learn some of the basic tools we need to be loving, supportive partners in loving, healthy relationships. HEART is an acronym for a system to help us learn and remember how to be those partners and create those relationships.

Through mini-lectures, anecdotes and examples, sharing stories, and practicing healthy communication together, we will learn what the tools are that will help us create and maintain healthy partnerships, and also how to use them. It will be honest, realistic, and practical – both theory AND application. The aim is to expand your mind, your heart, and the joy in your relationship. And, we’ll have fun!

This is for couples in committed relationships. The workshop will take place over two 1.5 hour sessions in two consecutive weeks. The fee is $125/couple, to be paid before the first session.  Contact the Center at (856)429-7585 to register.

Limited to 6 couples.

Judi is a certified Mental Health Counselor and trained Life Coach. She has been a social service provider and educator for over 25 years. She has worked extensively with couples and has conducted workshops and taught classes on topics from finding happiness to conflict resolution. Judi believes that, like most things, being a good partner is largely a skill set and that, given the tools and the instructions, we can be the partners and create the relationships we want.


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