• In a battle, the winners and the losers both lose.–Buddha

  • I learned to pick my battles.–Every Wise Parent

The Center for Mediation & Balanced Living exists to provide support for clients going through a transition. When conflict arises in a personal or business relationship, the center’s mediation services provide guidance to reduce the amount of time spent in conflict and to arrive at a solution that is fair, balanced and meaningful for all involved. For internal, individual conflicts and crises, the center offers a variety of practices and support for mind, body and soul to help our clients return to a path of health and well-being.

Annmarie Jensen, Esquire

Annmarie is a New Jersey Superior Court approved civil and family mediator and an attorney who has been licensed to practice law in the State of New Jersey since 1996 and in the State of New York since 1997. Annmarie’s full resume can be found here.

Free Consultation

A complimentary, 30 minute consultation is available if both parties agree to mediation. Contact us for more information.